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Alidia Vane

A key part of our three step methodology, 1y4e suggests engaging in at least one significant community based effort per year (and perhaps more often) to help sustainable solutions in your local area. This could be a project with your immediate neighbors in building(s) or block(s), or a wider neighborhood effort, depending on your available time and resources.

Following the mantra of “think global, act local,” consider what actions you can take in your own community to make positive impacts on the health of the entire planet. For example, if you’re passionate about sustainable food systems, you could join or start a community garden, where community members collectively cultivate a plot of land, plan a neighborhood potluck, or promote Community Supported Agriculture subscriptions. If you’re concerned about litter and pollution, you can join or start a neighborhood clean-up program, an anti-idle campaign, or food waste/yard waste composting. These are just a few examples, there are many potential community projects out there for you to add to or even create.

To narrow down potential projects, consider your passions along with your skills. If you’re passionate about gardening but don’t have a green thumb (yet!), you can still contribute to a community garden by organizing volunteers or securing local partnerships – while developing your gardening skills along the way.

As you engage in the project of your choice, be intentional about connecting with like-minded community members. You may get inspired to join a community organization, advocate for a relevant local policy issue, or make a new friend. By building those connections, you’ll be strengthening the network to launch your next community initiative, while building your personal base and support system.

By thinking globally and acting locally, we not only improve our immediate surroundings today but also contribute to the larger mission of safeguarding our planet for the future. Each community garden planted, every piece of trash cleaned up, and all the connections made along the way are the building blocks of a more sustainable and harmonious world. So, don’t underestimate the power of your efforts, no matter how “small” they may seem!

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