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Conducting Clean Up Programs

2 people clean up litter on a beach


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Nefertari Bilal

Did you hear about the two surfers who cleaned up all the plastic on their beaches and then turned that effort into a global clean-up effort called 4Ocean? The beach is a surfer’s “neighborhood.” 4Ocean is a for-profit business that removes plastic and then makes bracelets out of the recycled material which they then sell for $20, each with the promise that the funds from each sale will go to remove one pound of trash. As of this writing, they have pulled over 25 million pounds of trash from the ocean.

Closer to home, you can get busy cleaning up waste too. Here’s a guide to what a neighborhood clean-up program is and how it can change a community for the better, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The chapter goes into depth about the difference between a community assisted clean up vs. a public space or household one and how to find and take advantage of resources.

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