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One Year for Earth offers two services:

A curated library or hub of useful articles that introduces information, ideas, and actions across many aspects of life with links to further empower you to learn more, plus a trivia-style question (for many items) to help you retain the info.

Sign up for our one year/52 week opt-in program and you will receive an interactive weekly email with information and interactive questions that help you retain knowledge about seasonal best practices for sustainable living. Each time you interact with the weekly email, you gain points, which at the end of the year are converted to real trees planted to reforest the land and bring fresh air to the planet! Participants also receive a certification of completion at the end of the year with metrics of the number of trees, carbon saved, and points earned.

No, the One Year for Earth website and program are absolutely free. We hope that you will find this effort worthwhile and consider donating directly to the reforestation program via our “Donate” button. That connects you directly with a dedicated page on our reforestation partners website, which is a 501(c)(3) and can be used as a tax deduction.

Absolutely! We made this resource for all individuals, households, students, companies, municipalities, etc. to use and enjoy. Schools and corporations can utilize One Year for Earth by having their students and employees sign up for the weekly emails. Using the dashboard, they can track their weekly progress and points earned.

*See the Steps to use the 1y4e website on our About page for more details.

We hope that corporations will ask their staff to use 1y4e and will consider making a tax-deductible donation to the reforestation program. Multiply efforts by sponsoring certified reforestation that sequesters carbon for the lifetime of the tree while minimizing your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions!


Yes. To use One Year for Earth with your company or school, you can utilize the individual stats from employees’ or students’ dashboards (with their permission) to see how many weeks or points they have earned. You can also use the 1y4e platform to gather feedback about how they have been able to utilize the sustainable information and ideas from 1y4e to enhance their own practices or that of the shared community/workplace.

Building on the best practices in the 1y4e program, you can establish and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to see how various initiatives are working on an ongoing basis, such as: quantity of waste, efficiency of energy use, diversity supportive ratios, management initiatives, and more. These can be used in your Corporate Social Responsibility reporting, promoting your company’s leadership on sustainability issues to the world.

To take it a step further, you can become a Certified B Corporation and make a legal commitment to high social and environmental performance and transparency.

At this time, the only mutual affiliation is between One Year for Earth and our current reforestation partner, Delta Institute. If you contribute to the “donate” button on our page, the funds are sent directly to Delta Institute. All of the other organizations, people, companies, products, services, groups, and ideas here are not affiliated with or connected to us in any other way. We simply want to make sustainability information available and digestible for a wide audience.

Please see our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we use and do not use data. We only collect data such as email and name for participants of the Program, and for metrics of website use (pages most visited), nothing more. Our Terms of Use are here (and under Log In).

One Year for Earth is an open and free resource available to anyone who can read English. With regards to weather and food, we have tied the seasonal aspects to the overall latitudes of the United States and Europe. If you live outside of this range, you can still apply the information and strategies from the articles by adjusting the seasonal recommendations based on the climate and seasons in your location.

One Year for Earth supports diversity and social justice initiatives. We have Alt Text for all images and are working to fully comply with ADA guidelines and best practices for accessibility. For non-sighted users, we recommend using a text-to-speech application to enjoy this website.

There is no age limit for users of 1y4e as the content is all SFW or “safe for work.” However, some of the information may be triggering to sensitive users due to discussions of climate change, extinction, and similar topics.

Take the Pledge for a better Earth

Expand your mind while earning points that will plant actual trees! Receive seasonal info as you commit the best practices of sustainability to memory.