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Turn Off the Engine when Picking Up/Dropping Off

A line of cars with their brake lights on


#Reduce Emissions #Sustainability at School and Work #Vehicles


Doug Fogelson

Every day, twice a day, cars line up at schools for the drop-off and pick-up of students. The idling cars emit some heavy toxins as this happens (and as traffic mounts in all sorts of places, including highways) that can lead to serious health concerns. This affects not only the kids but also the community living close to the school. Developing lungs in children are at an increased risk of asthma and worse, so why not use the EPA’s online “Idle-Free Schools Toolkit” resource in your area? With their guidelines, one can institute a simple campaign or ask that the school do so.

  • Action
  • Students, not just parents and teachers, can advocate for Idle-Free Schools by making it a science, community involvement, or other project.

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