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A Sustainable Mindset

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Doug Fogelson

The goal of One Year for Earth is to assist individuals and groups with ways of seeing the whole picture around climate change, its current solutions, and to reveal interconnections that help deal with this crisis. Once a “sustainability mindset” is established, it becomes the basis for a range of actions and choices which enhance greater implementation of practical solutions. 

Working from a sustainable mindset now – and into the future – empowers one to lead, vote, ask questions, practice self-care, and build “inroads” toward more efficient and renewable ways of living. Once contemporary life is framed in terms of sustainability, we can make local and global changes for the common good. 

1y4e has curated our categories to clearly illustrate just how integrated such sustainable practices can become in our lives today. We ask you to move into action right away via our methodology which includes: creating a Sustainable Action Plan, supporting an organization that aligns with your interests, and participating in at least one community effort in your area per year. 

Leading from mindset, one can assist groups (such as in school or work) to assess their situations and current practices to discover where shifts can be made that will lower emissions and increase health, savings, etc. One Year for Earth also has a sample Lesson Plan for teachers (and something similar for other teams) to aid in the effort for groups, please reach out via our contact page and we will happily send those to you. 

Finally, the free 1y4e “Journey” helps build a sustainable mindset in real time as we travel along the seasons of a single year together while learning sustainable best practices, the current seasonal foods, receiving timely support to stay on track with our methodology, plus a quiz question (all in eLearning/gamification style). Interact to earn points that, upon completion, will plant trees in vetted reforestation efforts for each participant. Signing up is easy and is an action you can do right now via the “Action” link below. Once the 1y4e Journey is complete, you’ll have all the tools necessary to keep the mindset and powerful actions going for many years to come.

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