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Community Gardens

A bright and colorful garden plot


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Doug Fogelson

Community gardens are often found in urban areas where the available land is limited. They are more than designated spaces to grow a few things as they embody the sharing of place, knowledge, culture, and of course local food. The environmental benefits are complemented by economic and social ones, aside from combating food insecurity, educating a community to build resilience, and sharing in the planning or management duties.  

If a community garden does not exist near you or you can’t get a space in one, perhaps a consideration is to create one from scratch. Establishing the garden requires a lot of work, including finding a site; assessing its viability regarding soil, light, water, etc.; solving ownership/insurance issues; determining what type of garden to create (raised beds? plots?); providing for accessibility and safety; controlling pests; and more. However, once the garden is established, the work will be totally worth it.

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