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Doug Fogelson

Perhaps it goes without saying, but one of the greatest aspects of growing your own food is sharing the results with friends, family, and community. We are all just temporary visitors to the spaces we inhabit and there is a lot to be thankful for — even in the trying times of the Anthropocene. Sharing the bounty of a harvest gives the giver a deep pride in successfully growing food and being able to sustain others while intricately connecting with and witnessing the incredible processes of life itself. Everyone benefits from a little more gratitude in our lives. One does not need any religious or spiritual practice to simply give thanks for a meal or the ingredients used to prepare one.

There is a burgeoning economy dedicated to sharing, referred to as “the Sharing Economy,” whereby people trade or provide goods and services. It can be altruistic and beneficial, but it can also be profitable, such as Airbnb or Uber, so it is important to look behind the claims of corporations that tout or even exploit aspects of sharing to see if they are indeed actually being responsible and sustainable.

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