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One Year For Earth

“How can we take meaningful actions to fight climate change?”


One Year for Earth is an open resource and elective program that helps people explore the many facets of sustainability.

A desire to have real impact on the climate crisis can motivate each of us to become the environmental leaders that are so necessary today.

Through our categorized resources and  opt-in Program that highlights best practices throughout the year, 1y4e facilitates seeing the world “through the lens of sustainability”.

Offering a range of ideas and options, organizations to align with, ways to advocate for sustainable solutions and create resilient communities, 1y4e is here to help you implement smart planning and do everything in our power–starting right now.

The 1y4e Journey is a dependable way to stay on track as you engage once weekly across a single calendar year that begins whenever you sign up. You will receive a weekly email with a quiz question, a list of the current seasonal foods, and timely information on key practices for increasing overall sustainability. By interacting you earn point-credits that count toward actual trees planted on your behalf.

Upon completion of your year, a certificate is emailed with the total points earned, correlating to the number of trees planted in your honor by our certified reforestation partner, and metrics of carbon sequestered over their lifespan. More importantly you will have learned key sustainable best practices that can be employed for years to come. Participation is free.

Please see the “Our Process” section below to further understand 1y4e’s methodology for action, consisting of three parts: 1. Create a Sustainable Action Plan, 2. “Adopt” an organization, and 3. Join (or start) a community effort.

How it works

Weekly Challenges ››

Using our rich repository of concise information and actionable steps, the 1y4e Program guides you in embracing sustainable practices year-round. It offers 52 reminders to view today's world sustainably, fosters environmental leadership, and encourages shared values. You'll receive a single quiz question together with timely tips and current seasonal foods. Simply check the boxes and answer the question to earn the points for each week.

‹‹ Track your “Journey”

Once you create a basic profile (name and email) your personal dashboard is where you engage weekly and track points earned. Enter each week by clicking on its circle and see how quickly they go by as the colorful (temperature related) circles fill-in and points add up!

Elevate Your Impact. ››

Upon completing the year, you'll receive a digital certificate detailing your earned points, trees planted in your honor by certified reforestation partners, and carbon sequestration metrics. Participation is free and empowers positive change through the information you carry forward in the years ahead.

Our Process

Sign-up and kickstart your journey to create a better planet today!

All that's needed are a user name and email to set up a profile and the personal dashboard page enabling your "year around the sun" with 1y4e.

Participation is free-of-charge. Doing so will help the atmosphere via trees planted upon completion. Let's make a plan and commit to be sustainable for years to come.

Embark on a voyage of discovery as you explore our diverse range of topics, from energy-efficient living and waste reduction strategies to the latest advancements in green technology. Use 1y4e as a bridge to delve deeper into articles on sustainable fashion, conscious consumerism, zero-waste cooking or transit, self-care practices, and much more.

Note items of interest that you can use immediately and others you may plan to do or organize later.

Also note any organizations or related efforts that align with your specific interests.

Take a moment to think about your daily routines and choices at home, school, and work. From morning routines to hobbies, every action has an impact on the environment. Consider doing a waste audit at home, school, or workplace.

Use info on 1y4e to learn about "scope 1, 2, and 3" emissions and inform sustainable planning (the next step). There are a variety of ways to influence impacts that we connect to in everyone's life and work.

Consider if you can give a little time and energy for advocacy over the coming year(s) by supporting an organized effort.

1. Write down the feasible short, medium, and long-term actions and goals. Allow space to add new items and track progress. Put the short term goals into action immediately with things you can do today while also beginning research and planning or setting up for any long-term goals. Once your plan is underway, remember to reflect on your progress at intervals (use the weekly interaction as a time for this perhaps, and 1y4e will remind you too:), and note savings, satisfaction, or any other metrics.

2. Next, choose and "adopt" an organization you are aligned with and commit to supporting it for a period of 1-3 years with a reasonable percentage of your time and money each year (share the message, sign petitions/campaign, volunteer, and donate).

3. Lastly, join in or start a community effort in your local area that benefits groups of people.

Involving friends, family, or other individuals and groups helps everyone to achieve sustainable goals. In sharing your own progress and "leading by doing" you can not only receive encouragement but also inspire others to act. Each step, no matter how small, contributes to a more sustainable world and a healthier future.

The 1y4e

Doug Fogelson

Doug Fogelson is the Founder/Director of One Year for Earth. Building on experiences as a publisher, visual artist, and environmental advocate, 1y4e began with a desire to showcase various ways to help in the fight against the climate emergency. Looking deeper revealed many sustainable options and useful information, however it was located in too many disparate places. Doug's intention for 1y4e is to refine and connect the dots with hope for a more regenerative future.

Valencia Meredith

A Washington D.C native, Valencia is passionate about living an environmentally friendly, clean life. She is currently the Digital Communications Associate at the Center for Global Development. She enjoys learning new ways of incorporating sustainable habits into her daily routine, helping herself and the planet. Valencia works with 1y4e as a researcher and Editor/Director and looks forward to sharing her writing.

Alidia Vane

Alidia is a nature lover and sustainability advocate currently residing in Alabama, USA. As an Editor/Director at 1y4e, she draws on her experiences as a high school science teacher to research and share content that is accessible, informative, and engaging for all. In her free time, Alidia enjoys hiking and traveling with her friends and her dog, Butch.

Nefertari Bilal

Since she was 8 years old, Nefertari Bilal has written stories. Eager to perfect her writing and make a difference, she graduated with a degree in journalism from Northwestern University. Nefertari’s writing, both fiction and nonfiction, has tackled difficult subjects such as environmental justice, human rights, trauma, as well as misogynoir, in both the US and abroad. When she is not curating content as an Editor for 1y4e, Nefertari spends her time traveling, sampling new foods, and enjoying silent gothic films, such as Nosferatu and The Man Who Laughs.

Taylor Heagler

A University of Texas Dallas graduate and advocate who worked with a passion for disability rights and education, sustainability, and the arts. Taylor's art and civil rights work amplified the voices of the marginalized. In her free time she enjoyed upcycling, craft projects, eating carbs, and traveling. (*We miss you Taylor. Your work as a co-creator of 1y4e and enthusiasm lives on via this effort and in the many lives your amazing spirit impacted.*)

Advisory Council

Christine Skolnik

Dario Stipisic

Rachel Jetel

Scott Gardner

Heather Snider

Josh Lowitz

Russell Lord

Rachel Havrelock

Matt Volla

Ryan Edmund Thiel

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