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Rainwater & Greywater

Rain falling on a bannister


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Doug Fogelson

Perhaps the first thing to consider when planning a garden is the water source. In many municipalities, water is in short supply, expensive, or may contain problematic chemicals. One way to buffer this is to utilize nature’s free water source, rainfall, or to use the greywater from household sinks and showers before it goes down the drain.

Saving rainfall that is directed via rooflines or gutters into large barrels or other systems can provide enough water to water crops between rain events (if they occur in your area), with gravity providing the pressure to get water through the hoses to the crops. Rainwater is generally clean enough to use for most things aside from drinking. Greywater that comes from sinks, showers, and laundry can also be utilized to water garden plants. If the household is using eco-friendly soaps and cleaning products in moderation, greywater can be used to water your growing food too, by following some basic guidelines.

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