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The One Year for Earth/1y4e Reforestation Fund supports critical reforestation campaigns around the world. All donations are applied directly to reforestation projects through certified partner organizations, including the Delta Institute and One Tree Planted. Each tree planted contributes to restoring degraded ecosystems, protecting native biodiversity, and combating the effects of climate change.

Why Reforestation Matters

Forests are vital carbon sinks, absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and helping to mitigate the effects of climate change. Deforestation, the purposeful clearing of forested land, is a global crisis causing severe threats to our planet. The consequences of deforestation are wide-ranging and include the loss of biodiversity, reduced carbon sequestration, and disruptions to the water cycle.


How It Works

At One Year for Earth, we believe in the power of education, advocacy, and community to address the urgent challenges of climate change. Through our 1y4e Journey, users explore the many facets of sustainability and learn to see the world “through the lens of sustainability.” As they progress through the weekly challenges, users earn point-credits that count toward actual trees planted on their behalf.

With your support...

Donations to the One Year for Earth/1y4e Reforestation Fund are applied directly to the cost of tree planting, ensuring that every point earned by participants contributes to real environmental impact. By supporting our reforestation efforts, you play a crucial role in restoring degraded ecosystems, while also supporting our mission to empower people to live a sustainable lifestyle, advocate for sustainable solutions, and build resilient communities.

Donate to our Reforestation Effort

Your donation will plant actual trees and incentivize the participants to complete the 1y4e program. This link will take you to 1y4e's dedicated donation page on the application called Zeffy.