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1y4e along with our key partner Delta Institute are working to restore a native oak savanna habitat at a high-traffic public county park surrounded by an airport and heavy industry in Merrillville and Griffith, Indiana.

Meet Our Reforestation Partner

Founded in 1998, Delta Institute works with communities throughout the Midwest to solve complex environmental challenges. They envision a region in which all communities and landscapes thrive through an integrated approach to environmental, economic, and social challenges.


Delta's Impact

Environmental and economic issues hit communities of all sizes through disinvestment, inequity, and policy decisions. Disproportionate consequences have been borne by communities that have not historically had a voice, capacity, or resources to change or challenge the environmental and economic problems they faceā€”and that have likely been imposed upon them.

With your support...

Initially 1y4e and Delta plan to plant 700 black oak, white oak and black cherry trees at the Oak Ridge Prairie County Park to restore 7 acres of needed, endangered native grassland habitat. These plantings will reduce/treat 845,502.8 stormwater gallons annually.

Donate to our Reforestation Effort

Your donation will plant actual trees and incentivize the participants to complete the 1y4e program. This link will take you to Delta's dedicated 1y4e donation page.