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Tai Chi & Qigong

Four people practice Tai Chi in a park


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Doug Fogelson

Considered a “soft” version of martial arts, Tai Chi (“Taiji”) consists of flowing movements that increase one’s energies, or “Qi” in the Daoist tradition, thus uniting the yin and yang. Focused movements connect one with their body and to the earth or ground with slow balanced patterns that help focus on subtle energy. Tai Chi generally has two patterns: the short form and the long form. Both move in all directions to maintain homeostasis with slow kicks or punches, and use blocks or “warding off” postures that can help settle the mind body and spirit in profound ways over years of regular training. 

Qigong is an integrated practice that includes Taijii. Qigong is practiced for health reasons, as well as to serve the body, mind, and spirit. It is an alternative medicine that promotes a calm meditative state of being. Aside from the dynamic practice using movement, or the static and meditative practices, Qigong can also include the use of herbs, massage, or food and drink.

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