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Doug Fogelson

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Curators Patricia Lee Watts and Amy Lipton teamed up in 1999 to bring to life Watts’ vision of a venue where viewers could learn about ecology via the work of various artists addressing environmental issues. More than 20 years later, Ecoartspace has produced many exhibitions and highlighted many artists in various ways, from their website to public art installations. As of June 2022, there are over 600 members from 26 countries.

Definition: Ecoartspace [ https://ecoartspace.org/ ]

Think About Water Logo

Think About Water

Think About Water is a collective of approximately thirty diverse artists who “interpret, celebrate, and defend water.” Members of the collective share their works and exhibitions, and the group also fosters support for each other and others who are working on vital water issues in various ways.

Definition: Think About Water [ https://www.thinkaboutwater.com/ ]

Artists and Climate Change Logo

Artists and Climate Change

This online resource/blog features reviews, articles, information, and more across a wide range of eco/sustainable content focused on places where the creative community is active. They also have a wonderful list of organizations to check out as well as info on arts and climate courses and university programs.

Definition: Artists and Climate Change [ https://artistsandclimatechange.com/ ]

Artists for Climate Logo

Artists for Climate

Artists for Climate made an open call for digital illustrations, graphic design, lettering art, and typography by TED Countdown, in collaboration with Fine Acts. The initiative sought awe-inspiring designs that depict a “hopeful future around climate change” or have a clear message around the urgency for actionable change. The purpose of the open call — which launched July 1, 2021 — was to build a unique collection of open-license art about climate change. The project received 2,222 submissions by 1,432 artists from 95 countries.

Definition: Artists for Climate [ https://artistsforclimate.org/ ]

Human Impacts Institute Logo

Human Impacts Institute

This is an effort to help inspire meaningful actions through various efforts such as education, exhibits, storytelling, and conversation. Open calls for art, volunteering, workshops, youth advisory councils, and more are on their website.

Description: Human Impacts Institute [ https://www.humanimpactsinstitute.org/ ]