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Splash Logo


Splash’s mission is to have clean water for kids in schools, orphanages, hospitals and shelters in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, China, India, Nepal, and Cambodia. Instead of focusing on pilot projects, they piggyback on technology and supply chains already in use by major food and hotel chains to increase coverage.

Link: Splashhttps://www.splash.org/ ]

Action: Donate [ https://splash.org/donate ]

Water.org Logo


Water.org is a global nonprofit organization working to bring water and sanitation to the world. Using affordable financing, Water.org brings water and sanitation cost-effectively around the world.

Link: Water.org [ https://water.org/ ]

Action: Donate [ https://water.org/about-us/ways-donate/ ]

WaterAid Logo

Water Aid

WaterAid envisions a world where safe and sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene is available to everyone, and has been working on related projects for 40 years. They are a transparent and highly-ranked charity.

Link: Water Aid [ https://www.wateraid.org/us/ ]

Action: Get Involved [ https://www.wateraid.org/us/from-fundraising-to-campaigning-there-are-lots-of-ways-to-get-involved ]

Water Charity Logo

Water Charity

Water Charity, a partner of the National Peace Corps Association, has helped people gain access to clean drinking water for the past 15 years, completing 8,100 public health projects. They also work to provide disaster relief and pandemic response.

Link: Water Charity [ https://watercharity.com/ ]

Action: Donate [ https://watercharity.com/home-video-header/donate-now/ ]

Waterkeeper Alliance Logo

The Waterkeeper Alliance

The Waterkeeper Alliance holds polluters accountable and strengthens and expands a network of grassroots leaders across the world fighting for the right to clean water. They work on enforcing water laws, education, and advocacy.

Link: The Waterkeeper Alliance [ https://waterkeeper.org/]

Action: Get Involved [ https://waterkeeper.org/get-involved/  ]

Circle of Blue Logo

Circle of Blue

Using a mix of journalism and data, Circle of Blue pushes information and collaboration to address the issue of water shortage across the world.

Link: Circle of Blue [ https://www.circleofblue.org/ ]

Water Environment Federation Logo

Water Environment Foundation

The Water Environment Federation helps connect water professionals, improve their expertise, and create innovation within the sector, while also spreading awareness.

Link: Water Environment Foundation [ https://www.wef.org/ ]

Action: Events [ https://www.wef.org/events/about-events/ ]

Freshwater Lab

The Freshwater Lab is an initiative to communicate Great Lakes water issues to the general public, create tools to visualize the current state and future scenarios of water sources, engage unaffiliated groups in water planning, and train a new generation of Great Lakes leaders.  As we focus on the Great Lakes basin, we also reach outward to build relationships with water stewards from other parts of the world.

Link: Freshwater Lab [ https://www.freshwaterlab.org/ ]