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Jazmine Rogers


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Alidia Vane

A sustainable fashion icon, Jazmine Rogers (a.k.a. That Curly Top) creates Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok content to help you break away from destructive fast fashion trends and live a low-waste lifestyle, all while staying true to your personal style. She is also the creator of the #ReWearThat hashtag, which encourages influencers to repeat outfits and slow down their consumption, and the Founder and CEO of Sustainable Baddie, a hub for “fun and optimistic content surrounding imperfect sustainable fashion and living.”

Through her personal content and the Sustainable Baddie platform, Rogers emphasizes the importance of small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and of finding joy along the way. This includes sharing makeup and fashion tips, recommending sustainable brands, and featuring other content creators in the sustainable fashion space. Check her and the Sustainable Baddie platform out at the “Action” link below.

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