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Nemonte Nenquimo

Nemonte Nenquimo receives the 2020 Goldman Environmental Prize


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Taylor Heagler

Named by the United Nations as 2020 Champion of the Earth, Nemonte Nenquimo is the leader of Ecuador’s indigenous Waorani people and is best known for being the front of a lawsuit that banned resource extraction on 500,000 acres of her ancestral lands in the Amazon rainforest. Her advocacy work has led her to be featured on Times 100 and BBC’s 100 Women, and to be given the Goldman Environmental Prize award, all in 2020. Just in her lifetime alone, she has seen the effects that climate change has had on her community and uses that as a point of advocacy. Currently, Nenquimo is the co-founder, along with her husband, of Amazon Frontlines, which works alongside indigenous people to defend their rights to land, life, and cultural survival within the Amazon. Visit their website below to learn about how you can get involved, such as by signing petitions or donating directly to their cause.

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