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Doug Fogelson

As part of our methodology at One Year for Earth, we suggest everyone to “adopt” an organization that aligns with your interests. There are so many excellent efforts out there doing incredible work. Choosing an organization can be fun and challenging, but once you pick one out a special kind of relationship begins with meaningful results as the outcome. 

Committing to a multi-year engagement with an organization, perhaps 3-5 years as a starting point, benefits for both yourself, the organization, and the primary focus. Your support of both time/energy and funds will invigorate and directly facilitate the org’s mission, and this can easily be done in a reasonable and small percent of your time. 

The first part is free and easy for everyone to do. Allocating just an hour per week to “signal boost” through the personal sharing of an organization’s information or campaigns on social media, or via email, sign petitions and/or send letters (usually provided by template) to leaders or community, all quickly add up to important outcomes on vital concerns.

Additionally, we recommend allocating a reasonable -and personally appropriate- annual donation of funds. One to three percent of an annual income is a common amount for Americans (and sometimes charitable donations are matched by employers–worth asking about). Donations support the work of full-time staff doing their best for causes that impact us all. Donations to a nonprofit 501(c)(3) are tax deductible so they have a double effect of helping lower your personal taxes while helping others too- a win-win!

Together with creating and implementing a Sustainable Action Plan, and engaging with the local community at least once a year in a meaningful way, the practice of sustained advocacy will vitally help increase resilience against the climate crisis.   

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