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Future-Proofing/Circular Economy

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Taylor Heagler

Future-proofing is the process of anticipating the future with a new designs and innovative methods that are mindful about the impacts of potential climate change. A big part of “future-proofing” is lowering or eliminating dependency on fossil fuels and replacing energy inputs with renewable resources. Future-proofing isn’t always about creating something new, it can be used by engaging sustainable methods to modify existing innovations. This concept is a great way to design infrastructure that is sustainable, costs little energy, and that can easy adapt to technological, economic, and regulatory changes over time to maximize its life cycle.

While the term above sounds new it is also another way to describe a “circular economy” where recycling/reusing/reusing/renewing and recovering is placed as a primary concern in the extraction, production, and consumption of products or resources.

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  • One potential element of future-proofing is a life-cycle assessment/analysis (LCA), which measures the long-term impacts to the environment of a manufacturing process, building, or goods.

    True Truth! In order to make things less impactful down the line a "life-cycle assessment" is important. False Incorrect. It's vital to project future impact to "future-proof" things.