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Fossil Fuels Divestment

A pipeline cuts through dense forest


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Doug Fogelson

Stored energy found in petroleum, coal, and natural gas has been used to power our energy, industry, transit, and homes for hundreds of years. The science is now clear that this cannot continue as these forms of extracted resources leave a toxic footprint that our planet is incapable of regulating at the scale needed to stay in equilibrium. Even the “cleanest” fossil fuel, known as CNG or clean natural gas, has been shown to have large methane emissions that offset the CO2 emissions to a significant extent (UNEP) and many other negative impacts both up and downstream.

It is clearly time to “divest” from the old ways and transition into new modes as described by the vetted articles here. Aside from the impacts of all the greenhouse gasses produced in the extraction, production, transport, and use of fossil fuels affecting all the inhabitants of Earth, the small number of companies providing them are run by and even smaller number of groups and their investors who enjoy huge profits while paying very few taxes or other penalties for the damages they cause which impact everyone on planet Earth.

The application of renewable/sustainable energy systems that exist as viable options today can shift the weight to a new model, if we as stakeholders demand and employ best practices in the use of our energy. Through aggregate actions and pressure for swift change, clear reporting, and enforced regulation we can make shift without compromising our way of life. If we do this now we it creates lasting benefits for the future, and if we do do not things will get much worse…

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