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Crafts: Candles

A close-up of a candle flame reflected in glass


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Doug Fogelson

Electricity uses power that is often generated by fossil fuels that are extracted, transported, refined, and then burned in such a way that the emissions go into the atmosphere. Before we had these modern conveniences — and for much of the world still today — when the sun goes down, the electrical grid doesn’t supply power. Therefore, the use of battery power for lanterns, oil, or candles can be vital for some people. In the more developed countries, candles signify a kind of warmth and coziness. In Denmark, for example, they are a part of the “Hygge” that can bring a feeling of comfort and well-being.

Making your own candles is a practical resilience tool as well as a fun craft. You can use them if or when the power goes out. More likely, you will choose to use them to enhance your own feeling of comfort. Conventional candles are often made of paraffin (petroleum waste) or stearin (animal or vegetable fats). Paraffin is highly toxic and contains carcinogens while producing soot, aside from the carbon footprint, and the added fragrances are toxic as well. Check out the link below to find ways to make your own candles that are eco-friendly to help get through those long dark and cold months of winter!

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