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Alidia Vane

Often, self-care is seen as an individual effort, and the term has become conflated with indulging in mass consumerism. However, community care is equally important. Community care encourages one to invest in their community and to receive from it. By sharing resources and looking out for one another, the well-being of everyone can be nourished — especially in communities of color, which often face barriers to healthcare and gaining resources to participate in such activities. What may be insurmountable for one individual to face can be much more manageable with the support of a community behind us.

Embracing community care as part of our daily lives involves taking small, actionable steps that gradually build into more substantial efforts. Start by getting to know your neighbors – a simple smile and friendly conversation can go a long way in fostering a sense of community. You can also host a potluck dinner or block party to encourage interaction and build connections.

To take it a step further, consider joining or establishing a community group, such as a community garden or neighborhood clean-up program, which allows neighbors to cultivate a stronger bond while working towards common goals, or a mutual aid group. Mutual aid groups are member-led groups where people voluntarily share resources, volunteer their time, and work collectively towards overcoming the social, economic, and political barriers to meeting their common needs. Learn more about mutual aid groups in the Action link below! You can also organize clothing or book swaps, which reduce waste while improving access to needed resources. By taking these small but meaningful steps, we can collectively nurture our communities and create a brighter future for all residents.

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  • According to Livestrong, communities of color led the establishment of the connection between self-care and overall wellness.

    True True. False This is actually true, forced by necessity certain communities have become leaders in finding solutions for all.