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What is “Green Travel”?

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Nefertari Bilal

The UN framework for sustainability emphasizes the importance of including local stakeholders and preserving their heritage as one of its core values. This offers a more holistic view on sustainability that respects the importance of protecting both the environment and local communities by providing a means of livelihood and respecting their culture.

Towards that end, various guides provide ways travelers themselves can ensure they support sustainability causes that are in partnership with the local community, creating a multi-pronged approach to the issue of sustainability and climate change. Some of these methods include eating local, conserving local resources, supporting conservation efforts, celebrating local arts and culture, and supporting local businesses. If you’re interested in taking green travel to the next level, “slow travel” is a related concept which emphasizes experiencing a new location “like a local,” including selecting authentic and unique experiences that build connections. Check out the “definition” link below for more information on slow travel.

Other real-life examples of methods that travel companies have begun to use in adopting green practices are in regard to hotel construction and operation, cruise ship fuel and operations, and to explain ways travelers can act and make greener choices according to their situation.

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