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Wendell Berry

A photo of Wendell Berry in front of bookshelves


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Doug Fogelson

Writer, farmer, poet, activist, and educator Wendell Berry has had a productive output with his focus, which has generally been defined as “agrarian values.” Championing sustainable agriculture and healthy rural communities from his farm in Kentucky, Berry has written poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and more with a consistent focus on the cycles of life. As a young man, he attended Stanford and taught English in the Bronx before returning to the Midwest to write, edit, teach, and farm the land. Berry is a Christian and advocate of pacifism who has criticized Christian organizations about their complacency in the face of environmental degradation. As Jebediah Britton-Purdy stated about Berry, “He is an anti-capitalist moralist and writer of praise for what he admires most: the quiet, mostly uncelebrated labor and affection that keep the world whole and might still redeem it.”

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