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Water Reuse & Collection

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Valencia Meredith

Most people know that glass, plastics, and boxes can be recycled. But are you aware that water is recyclable too? Recycled water or water reuse is previously-used water that is recycled and repurposed for various uses such as agricultural irrigation, public drinking water, and environmental restoration (EPA.gov). Reused water is often sourced from municipal wastewater, stormwater, agricultural runoff, and industrial water purified to be “fit for purpose.”

You too can recycle your own water. This can be done through rainwater collection or greywater recycling. Rainwater collection or rainwater harvesting uses the accumulation of collected rainwater from roofs and driveways, and for larger structures, parking lots and roadways, for various uses. Greywater recycling systems recycle already-present water within the home to be later used for other household or gardening needs. To learn more about water recycling and rainwater collection, check out the Greywater Action website linked below.

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