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A cloth rag is used to wipe down an espresso machine


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Valencia Meredith

Paper towels are wasteful single-use products that destroy the environment and clog our landfills. Did you know that 3.8 million tons or 7.6 billion pounds of tissue paper and paper towel waste is generated annually (EPA)? Most tissue and paper towel products are unrecyclable due to contact with food waste, grease, and possibly bodily fluids. Some towels may be composted, but most are disposed of.

Paper towel production contributes to many environmental issues, including greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, excessive water use for material production, soil erosion from tree removal, water cycle disruption, and biodiversity losses (tiny waste). Cloth towels are an eco-friendly, economical alternative to paper towels. Cloth towels diminish the need for paper towels and reduce waste generation in addition to being able to be repurposed. To learn more about the benefits and potential consequences of cloth towel usage, check out the linked article below, “Paper Towels Vs. Cloth Towels: Which Is Better?”

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