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Valencia Meredith

How many appliances do you have plugged in that are not currently in use? Your microwave? TV? Toaster? What about the electronics left to charge overnight? Your cellphone? Apple watch? Fitbit? These everyday items utilize vampire energy, or energy consumed while not in use. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, vampire energy accounts for nearly 75% of home appliances’ energy usage, contributing to higher energy bills and increased greenhouse gas emissions generated by energy facilities. In a report from the NRDC, Americans spent an estimated $19 billion per year on vampire energy costs, or an additional $440 per household.

You can reduce your vampire energy consumption by unplugging items not in use. Creating the habit of unplugging unused items lowers your energy bill and simultaneously reduces your carbon footprint. To learn more ways to eliminate vampire power within the home, check out the featured article, “Vampire 101.”

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