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Doug Fogelson

Speaking to a professional licensed therapist can be vital as we navigate the challenges of life’s events, work, school, family, and emotional stress over climate change or the loss of earth’s biodiversity. With the recent pandemic, a lot of online options with interactive resources have become so much easier to use wherever you may be located. It isn’t necessary to be in-person anymore, as therapy can happen via messages, chats, phone calls, and video sessions.

Check out Better Help as one option. They provide therapy for individuals, couples, teens, and organizations (as well as jobs for therapists to serve all). Also, your doctor, family, friends, or teachers can often make personal recommendations. Other “teletherapy” sites to consider are Talkspace or Online-Therapy.com. The American Psychological Association has many well-vetted resources too.

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  • When you begin talk therapy, you should expect it to take some time for you to see progress or results.

    True Yes. False No, it does take time to see lasting progress even as one may feel a bit better right away when receiving therapy.