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Alidia Vane

How can we enjoy vacations while also being mindful of our environmental impact? One way is not to go too far in the first place. By choosing a staycation, you can reduce your CO2 footprint, support your local economy, and save money. We often don’t see our home through the eyes of a tourist unless we’re entertaining a visitor, so it can also be rewarding to venture out in a new and refreshing way close to home.

With a little creativity, you’ll be surprised how many exciting activities you can find in your area. Consider paying a visit to a local park, museum, spa, game, or restaurant that you haven’t visited before. You can also use an online travel guide to identify unique attractions in your area. Check out Atlas Obscura, an online database of over 26,000 unusual wonders around the world, or your local newspaper for suggestions.

A staycation doesn’t have to involve leaving the house. You could dedicate a day to learning a new art or craft with the help of online tutorials. Some fun offline activities include learning a new recipe, playing board games, working in your home garden, or reading a book. You can even try camping out in your own yard (or living room) for a change of scenery! For more tips on how to have an eco-friendly staycation, check out the “Action” link below.

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