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Alidia Vane

Spirituality and religion have long played a crucial role in shaping humanity’s relationship with the environment. Throughout history, faith traditions have provided guidance, inspiration, and a moral compass for sustainable living. Many indigenous cultures regard the natural world as sacred and revere nature’s resources. Similarly, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the Bible’s teachings encourage the stewardship of Earth as God’s creation. Buddhism and Hinduism also emphasize stewardship, non-violence, and conservation of the natural world.

Today, faith-based organizations are continuing this tradition by playing a pivotal role in environmental policy work. One noteworthy effort is Faith for Earth, an Initiative by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). This initiative builds partnerships between faith-based organizations to advocate for environmental policy, increase the sustainability of their operations, and spark inter-religious and intercultural dialogue about environmental issues. Learn more about the Faith for Earth program at the Action link below.

Regardless of which specific religious or spiritual tradition, or lack thereof, a feeling of “faith” can be a powerful force for environmental activism. Discussing the environmental teachings within and amongst these traditions can build community with others who are passionate about living sustainably as a way to align with shared values. One can also seek out opportunities for interfaith collaboration, by engaging with people from diverse faith backgrounds to find common ground and advocate for environmental issues thsat benefit all. Finally, using a spiritual practice to connect with the natural world, such as spending time in contemplation or prayer in natural settings, can inspire people of all kinds to live more sustainably. Spiritual and religious beliefs can be a source of inspiration and motivation in the fight for a healthier planet.

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  • According to the Very Well Mind article, both religion and spirituality can help people cope with everyday stress.

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