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Non-Plastic Packaging


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Doug Fogelson

Sway is a new brand that uses seaweed to create an alternative to the ubiquitous problem of plastic/petroleum packaging. Seaweed can be cultivated and the company embodies regenerative, circular, and equitable principles to bring this “conscious” product to market while also benefiting communities that help do so. Sway products are compostable and designed to be made with the same machinery that is currently used to create plastic ones. Have a look at their website and see if you would be able to tell the difference if you came across one of their packages?

Earthos, who also use plant based resources to make plastic alternatives for a variety of uses, also align their product with current injection moulding or extrusion processes so that the transition away from petroleum can be seamless. Being compatible with the industry today can make this change the norm. Earthos makes raw materials and also certified products such as caps/lids, tableware, cutlery, personal products like flossing tooth-pics, clothing hangars, and more.

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