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Preparing for Climate Migration

A refugee camp


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Doug Fogelson

Coastal countries in particular can expect their citizens to be forced to move or shift in reaction to disasters that are the result of climate change. Displacement due to “weather related hazards such as storms, floods, and droughts” (IDMC article) are becoming more common within national borders and beyond, not to mention the social unrest that accompanies such challenges. So what can be done to prepare?

Some of the answers include better data collection, monitoring and forecasting, focusing on risk reduction, fighting sensational or alarmist messaging, focusing on communities, and building resilience. It will be necessary to prepare fair policies explicitly for climate migrants and plan for their needs, as these new residents will undoubtedly put pressure on existing resources for locals.

With good planning it is possible to embrace a future influx to your community, growth requires job creation and and density!

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