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Non-Toxic Pest Control

Bees entering a beehive


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Doug Fogelson

The use of pesticides has been linked to cancers, brain damage, and other developmental issues due to their active and inactive ingredients. Thankfully, there are non-toxic pest control alternatives available and best practices to help reduce or eliminate some of these unwanted visitors in both the yard and garden.

Best practices include locating the source of pests by following the pheromone trail, putting certain herbs or peppers at the point of entry, spraying specific organic soaps and powders, putting diluted oils on plants, building or creating barriers to unwelcome foragers, and more. Barriers are also needed to stop a variety of animals from chewing your crops. Consider using metal or wood rather than plastic to stop unwanted visitors.

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  • Hot pepper spray, dried peppermint, cinnamon, paprika, and garlic can all be used as non-toxic forms of pest control.

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