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Extending the Growing Season

Lush plants growing in a greenhouse


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Doug Fogelson

One doesn’t have to build a glass house to take advantage of the positive advantages of the term “greenhouse.” Covering crops with various strategies from mulch to “cold frames” can be beneficial in many ways, as can using a Hoop House or greenhouse. Planting crops in a certain order (as cover or in succession), such as colder weather crops following warmer ones or inter-planting faster growing crops between slower ones, can improve yields and efficiency. Much of this is part of “restorative agriculture” too, so it has the benefit of enhancing soil rather than depleting it.

Greenhouses are used to germinate seeds, propagate plants, grow all year long (in many places or with some necessary additional climate control), shield plants from excessive heat or pests, and more. If investing in a greenhouse is for you, it seems likely that the dollars saved at the grocery store will ultimately pay for the initial costs over time.

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