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Liam Young

A screenshot of the artist Liam Young's webpage which has a floating array of smaller screens that show his various projects.


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Doug Fogelson

Under the designation “Worldbuilder”, Liam Young is an artist working predominantly in motion/film but also across multiple disciplines such as writings and publications. Young has used current sustainable and climate focused innovations, research, theory, as subject matter and created visions of what future scenarios might look, function, (and even kind of feel) like using design, animation, and more.

Recent projects like “The Great Endeavor” (2023) show a vision of many green technologies as they might be once designed into our world at relative scales needed to have significant enough levels of global impact. Solar, wind, hydro energy production, carbon sequestration industry, etc.

In “Planet City” (2021) Young and his team show us how, perhaps, a singular megacity could successfully house and feed the entire population of Earth (10B). His website is under the Definition link below and a Q & A with him is in the Action link.

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