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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio giving a thumbs-up


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Doug Fogelson

The well-known actor of famed movies like Titanic and The Wolf of Wall Street is also a serious environmentalist who uses his personal foundation to donate funds to environmental causes and produce informative documentaries. Awarded as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, some of the works that DiCaprio has produced on environmental issues include Virunga, Cowspiracy, The Ivory Game, Catching the Sun, Before the Flood, and Ice on Fire. He has also marched, spoken out, met with a Pope, stood in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, protested Donald Trump’s inaction on climate change issues, and supported progressive candidates. DiCaprio’s foundation has raised and donated hundreds of millions of dollars to various key causes, the majority of which are climate justice related. In addition, he drives electric cars and uses solar power at his homes. He does fly on private jets, but it is fairly safe to assume that he offsets with verified carbon credits or similar initiatives.

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