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Julia “Butterfly” Hill

Julia "Butterfly" Hill reclined in a tree


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Alidia Vane

Julia Lorraine Hill, better known as Julia “Butterfly” Hill, is a dedicated and courageous American environmental activist. In 1997, Pacific Lumber Company was planning to cut down a 180-foot-tall, 1,500-year-old California redwood tree. To prevent this, Hill decided to live in the tree for over two years. In 1999, Hill and the Pacific Lumber Company reached an agreement to save the tree.

Since then, Hill has expanded her impact by co-founding the Circle of Life Foundation and the Engage Network. Hill is also a prominent public speaker and best-selling author. Her 2000 book, The Legacy of Luna, describes her tree-sitting experience. All profits from the sale of the book went to the Circle of Life Foundation.

Hill has also supported a variety of other environmental campaigns, especially as relates to preserving natural habitats. In 2012, Hill was arrested and imprisoned in Ecuador for protesting a proposed oil pipeline which would disrupt the habitats of many rare bird species.

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