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Intentional Community & Co-housing

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Doug Fogelson

Living with roommates, co-housing, a co-op building, a “Transition Town“, or even a gated community means that you are participating in a form of “intentional community.” Such situations embody various aspects of living that are aligned with the shared and defined values of the group and incorporate sustainable practices. Some might call such principles “utopian” like they did back in the 1960s; however, in today’s world it can simply mean building resilience, resources, and practicing collective decision making.

This type of living structure can provide meaningful solutions for the high costs of elder care, childcare, and contemporary life. Navigating individual personalities and nuances of living together while striving for self-sufficiency is not an easy task; tensions can become amplified in smaller communities, so it is best to carefully search for the sort of situation that agrees with your core values.   

The Foundation for Intentional Community is a nonprofit and hub/directory of intentional communities around the world. They have books, podcasts, on-demand courses, and other resources on co-housing and consensus-oriented decision making, regenerative culture, and more. Classifieds show you various communities around the world, maybe one is perfect for you?

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