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Green Business Incubators

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Doug Fogelson

Located in a large former meatpacking facility in the Back of the Yards neighborhood of Chicago is an amazing facility called “The Plant” housing a collection of over 20 green/sustainable efforts and companies. Small businesses such as indoor farms, breweries, a bakery, a cheese maker, a gelato maker, and a coffee roaster are located there. In addition one tenant called “Back of the Yards Algae” is conducting cutting edge research into algae as a form of protein or growth media. Additionally, a large-scale anaerobic “digester” is in construction at the building…and there’s more–an outdoor farm, a rooftop farm, mushroom growers, hydroponics and aeroponics companies, plus a sustainable shop, museum, along with many tours of the various ways the building is developing renewable energy to power it all.

Beyond this example in Chicago there are other green incubators for various kinds of startups that are trying to make an impact for the good of our planet. The list of green business incubators in the link below shows a few of the best ones located around the world.

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