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Alidia Vane

Festivals are fantastic celebrations of music, art, and culture, but they can also cause major environmental damage. From discarded tents to single-use plastics, these events can leave a trail of waste. To make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying your favorite festival, it’s crucial to plan ahead.

Before the festival, think carefully about your needs, including shelter, water, food, transportation, and clothing. Then, consider how you can obtain and use those items in a mindful manner. For example, if you need new camping supplies, consider renting, purchasing second hand, or purchasing items made from natural materials, such as a tent made from cotton or hemp. And if you’re designing an outfit to match a theme, maximize your (re-)use of materials you already have and thrifted items, instead of buying new.

During the festival, be mindful of your consumption. Festivals are often filled with tempting food vendors, merchandise, and freebies. Make an effort to support food vendors who use sustainable utensils and packaging, and before accepting promotional items, be sure you’ll truly use them. If you hand out trinkets during festivals, consider sustainable gift options such as neat rocks or homemade flower crowns.

Be sure to also plan for your departure from the festival. Ensure you leave no trace at your campsite by packing trash bags and having a plan for breaking down camp. By leaving the campsite better than you found it, you’ll be respecting and preserving the environment that made your festival experience so special.

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