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Environmental Justice for Urban Transportation

Two people sit at a bus stop at night


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Nefertari Bilal

Here is a journal article that discusses the lack of access to reliable, fast, and safe public transportation in urban, working-class communities of color. It calls for further investment into public transportation and reduction of suburban sprawl to promote environmental and public health as part of transportation justice. Some ‚ÄĆdemands to provide equal opportunity for all include affordable, 24/7-available public transport and clean fuel bus transit routes.

It is important to understand that environmental justice is also social justice as we make sure there is a level playing field for all communities. Today we see that some of the greatest challenges stemming from environmental factors are impacting those who actually have the least to do with causing the issues, improving the transport systems is just one key factor in empowering all communities to thrive.

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  • According to the article, people may be transit-dependent for a variety of reasons, including income, age, and disability.

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