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Energy-Efficient Appliances

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Valencia Meredith

Approximately one-third of energy consumption is consumed by residential consumers. Within that, 29% of its usage is attributed to household appliances and electronics and 26% to HVAC (heating and cooling). According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), many of our homes and energy-consuming products are using considerably more energy than is needed. Therefore, we need to turn our focus toward energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is about using less energy to get the same job done (EPA.gov).

The EPA established the ENERGY STAR Star Program to provide energy-efficient solutions for American homes and businesses. The ENERGY STAR Program has helped save 5 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity, cut back $500 billion in energy costs, and reduced greenhouse gasses by 4 billion metric tons (EPA.gov). In addition, ENERGY STAR is committed to serving low-income communities through its Inclusivity Utility Investment program.

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