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Valencia Meredith

Whether you are painting a room or your entire house, choosing the perfect color is no easy feat. What is even more difficult is finding the perfect eco-friendly paint to have in your home. Eco-friendly paint is paint absent of chemical toxins such as fungicides and biocides, toxic pigments, and most notably, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Within the home, these toxins can cause symptoms such as headaches, memory loss, visual and respiratory impairment, and dizziness (The Good Trade). Fortunately, a growing number of paint companies are becoming aware of the harmful effects of VOCs and are introducing Zero and Low VOC paints to reduce your intake.

It is important to note that, though Zero and Low VOC paints contain low amounts of VOCs, some paints may still contain additional additives and solvents that are potentially harmful. It is recommended to look for paint containers labeled “natural” or “non-toxic.” With that being said, the article linked below shows the 11 best eco-friendly interior paints on the market.

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