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Alidia Vane

Deforestation, the purposeful clearing of forested land, is a global crisis causing severe threats to our planet. The act of deforestation is influenced by numerous factors, including logging, grazing, farming, and/or infrastructure development. In the Amazon for example deforestation is linked to the expansion of commercial agriculture, particularly for cattle ranching and palm oil farms. According to the United Nations, the annual rate of global deforestation from 2015-2020 was estimated at 10 million hectares per year. This rapid deforestation not only alters the landscape but also disrupts the delicate balance of our planet.

One of the most alarming consequences of deforestation is the loss of biodiversity. When forests are cut down, habitats are destroyed, threatening the plants and animals living within and nearby. Additionally, trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. When humans cut down trees, all the years of stored carbon is emitted into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. Deforestation also disrupts the water cycle, leading to reduced rainfall and increased risk of droughts.

Addressing deforestation requires a concerted effort from individuals, companies, and governments. On an individual level, consumers can reduce the use of paper products or support those certified as sustainable by organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Advocating for policy change through organizations working on this is another important step. Governments can implement policies that promote responsible stewardship, including selective logging practices and the protection of forested areas. Additionally, supporting reforestation projects can help mitigate the impacts of deforestation by replanting previously-cleared forests, but it takes time to grow a mature forest ecosystem.

By engaging with the 1y4e Program, you are already earning point-credits that count toward actual trees planted on your behalf but this is only a small part of what is needed at scale. For additional ways to support reforestation efforts, check out these Organizations. In making informed choices as consumers, advocating for policy changes, and supporting proper agricultural and reforestation efforts, individuals and communities can together play a vital role in combatting deforestation.

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