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Daniel Silverstein

Zero Waste Daniel poses in front of upcycled fabric pieces


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Alidia Vane

Daniel Silverstein, a.k.a. “Zero Waste Daniel” (ZWD), is an American clothing designer and sustainability advocate based in Brooklyn, New York. ZWD’s collections are not only fashionable, but also environmentally friendly. All of ZWD’s garments are made from upcycled materials, specifically pre-consumer, post-production waste from the New York fashion industry. Those fabric scraps, if not upcycled, would otherwise be thrown out. According to ZWD, each of their garments diverts approximately one pound of fabric from the landfill.

In addition to having a zero-waste mindset in their garment production, the ZWD studio aims to be zero waste in their operations, using recycled and recyclable materials in their shipping, packaging and office materials. ZWD encourages everyone to pursue a zero-waste mindset, and to “vote with your wallet” by purchasing products from brands whose values and practices align with your own.

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