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Crafts: Woodwork

A person working in a woodworking shop


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Doug Fogelson

Continuing with the Do-It-Yourself craft items, here is one that most people have had some interaction with through a home repair or similar project. Woodworking is fundamental to the various shelters, workplaces, schools, and products we use. All of these have been sourced from trees that must live long enough to produce wood that is sufficient for the job, prepared, transported, sold, and transported again. One way to divert a little carbon from these business-to-business or business-to-consumer supply chains is to simply make or fix your own. Recycled products are likely closer than you think too, and despite needing some specialty tools, it is within reach for most cultures to employ some practices of woodcarving, joinery, woodturning, or construction.

Aside from a knife, saw, or an ax, you’ll need some tools to do more refined work, maybe a drill, clamp, some glue, or sandpaper. Check out this informative introduction website to learn the basics and then let your imagination run free. Being resilient is akin to being sustainable.

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