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Crafts: Weaving, Crochet, and Fiber

Close-up of pieces of thread of various colors and thicknesses


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Doug Fogelson

Humans have been finding ways to bring warmth and comfort to their lives for over 10,000 years. Weaving with wool — an inherently renewable resource that is also non-allergic, odor resistant, renewable, and biodegradable — is a tried-and-true way to insulate our bodies. It’s also soft! It can wick away moisture from the skin, takes natural dyes well, and is easily manipulated as compared to man-made fibers.

Aside from all that, it’s fun to weave things and easy enough to do without a big investment or specialized technology. All you need to start is a simple hand or lap loom that you can make out of a frame or find from a supplier (they have kits with all the tools). Check out the links below and make your own warm clothes, rugs, and blankets that will last for generations.

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