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Crafts: Pottery

A person uses a pottery wheel to craft a bowl


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Doug Fogelson

Stemming from the early days of humanity, ceramics and pottery are wonderful traditions that give artistic form functional uses like cooking and storage. The raw materials are from the earth itself: clay, minerals, water, and fire. Different clay types such as stoneware, porcelain, and earthenware are created based on the combination of clay and mineral content. The temperatures in the firing process (which can be done in a pit, a kiln, or in the case of very early humans, just air dried) determine the porousness of the clay body and therefore its resilience to contaminating germs. This is why most pottery is glazed with a liquid that contains silica and other minerals that melt in the heat of the firing process and leave a smooth coating on the naturally rough clay body.

To be self-sufficient and connected to the “supply chain” of your own eating and cooking tools, you could easily make your own plates, bowls, and cooking tools. This connects us to the lineage of our ancestors for many cultures around the earth. Find more info below on how to do this easily and with a low carbon footprint.

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