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Carbon Walls

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Taylor Heagler

Wood waste can be used to build an installation for carbon-negative walls. Canadian startup Calmura Natural Walls knows the importance of properly-insulated housing and is going even further by creating a carbon-negative circular wall system. Calmura’s wall system is designed around panels made from chipped waste wood cast with a lime and clay binder and an insulating foam infill that is added on site. These panels come in two types, a thinner version which is easier to cut in around plumbing and electrics and a lighter but thicker exterior panel that provides better thermal protection on the outside of the wood framing. These walls offer homeowners offer a variety of benefits including protection from fire, mounds, pests, and earthquakes and a lower energy bill.

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  • Indigenous sustainable architecture serves as a source of inspiration for modern sustainable design.

    True Yep. We have a lot to learn from our ancestors. False No it is true, the past informs the present.