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Carbon Credits/Offsets for Travel

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Doug Fogelson

Each time we fly (or use gas powered transport, energy, etc.), carbon emissions are created. The growing industry of carbon offsets offers a way to compensate for those emissions by purchasing “credits” in an “equivalent” amount to the ones produced. These credits are investments in various projects that reduce carbon dioxide by capturing and storing CO2 or preventing new emissions such as tree planting, wind farms, restoring ecosystems, and the like.

While this is a noble endeavor and growing practice (some airlines offer the option to purchase offsets when booking travel tickets), it is not a “free pass” for the creation of new emissions. Carbon credit projects must be verified and guaranteed to actually mitigate climate change via internationally recognized standards, quality assurance protocols, and documentation over time. For instance the trees planted in a reforestation project must be guaranteed to grow and live to maturity or else they will then release their carbon right back into the atmosphere.

The best option is not to create the harmful emissions in the first place and for transit modes to become more sustainable, but as carbon credits are available now and growing, this is indeed one type of action you can easily do today with a credit card and computer. Indeed 1y4e is using this as an incentive for completing our program through trees planted in vetted and guaranteed reforestation effort!

Specific to travel the action link below can help find reliable offsets for your next journey.

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