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Boycott Lists & Opting Out of Junk Mail

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Doug Fogelson

Boycotts can be an effective tool to protest human rights abuses, economic injustice, and animal abuse by putting economic pressure on companies to change their practices. Boycotts can be done alone or by raising awareness in your community of these often-hidden issues we inadvertently support with our dollars. The Ethical Consumer provides a list of boycotts one can participate in, providing an overview of their mission. Sharing this information with your neighbors can help create some change.

Opt-out programs range in type from choosing clean power (if available in your area) to reducing your paper junk mail. Fewer carbon emissions will happen with decreases in the production, delivery, and removal to a landfill of unwanted solicitations. Remove your name from mailing lists, credit card offers, phone books, catalogs, and all sorts of direct marketers using the websites and services linked below.

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