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#Death Planning #Green Finance


Doug Fogelson

Knowing that there are certainties like death and taxes, one can make plans to donate funds to sustainable efforts after they pass away via a will. As people age, it is natural to think about the legacy one leaves behind; thoughtful planning can help people in subsequent generations through a bequest, other estate planning, or naming certain beneficiaries on life insurance policies.

We hope everyone will actively support their favorite organizations that are working hard against the climate crisis (and related concerns) over their adult lives. Giving both time and money each year and taking powerful action, while deducting tax dollars, improves overall quality of life. Moreover, actively working on the betterment of our community is itself a form of self-care.

A legacy gift of supportive funds continues facilitation of work on important causes to the benefit of current and future generations. The saying, “you can’t take it with you” is certainly true, but what you leave behind can continue to do powerful and impactful action.

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